The Passing Away Of  Brother William Reiersen

This past year, Brother William has lived in an assisted-living apartment in Lavik, Norway.  He enjoyed living there and the health care workers took exceptionally good care of him. Even though he was unable to participate in the Sunday services the last months of his life; he had weekly visits from someone in Troens Tabernakel. Brother William  appreciated these visits.

On the 10th of April, Brother William was admited to the Førde hospital with pain in the stomach area. The doctor who cared for him clearly said that the outlook for William was not so great.  When Brother William was questioned about whether he would have surgery on his intestines; he clearly said that he was not interested in having any surgery. Surgery also has its risks in his situation.  Brother William passed away on the 12th of April at five o’clock in the morning.

The funeral service can be streamed on this page. (Norwegian).